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Deported or Voluntary Exit


The towering black gate opens silently to an alley with walls of corrugated metal. Scrawled in large white letters on one wall is: "The End."

On average, 700 Mexicans expelled from the United States walk through this gate daily, according to Mexican government figures. They include farmers, construction workers, prisoners, nannies, children, entire families. — Associated Press

The End of a Dream

The End of a Dream


The End - For those deported from the United States, the words are an unnecessary reminder. Nearly every hour of the day, guards unlock this gate that leads back into Mexico, clicking open the padlocks hung on each side,
in each nation.

Every time the gate slams shut, it wipes out a dream, divides a family, ends a life lived in the shadows of the law.

Man Made Borders
Man Made Borders: Every time the gate slams shut, it wipes out a dream, divides a family, ends a life lived in the shadows of the law.


The process of returning a person back to one's place of origin or citizenship. For those that have grown up in the U.S., this may be their first time in Mexico.

Rosarito Inn

Has a family member been deported to Mexico at Tijuana?

Being deported or leaving the U.S. voluntarily can be a frightening experience. Families waiting to be reunited with their loved ones often don't know where to begin.

Often families are torn apart and devestated by the deportation process. If you are in danger of deportation, you must plan ahead for every possibility. Do your research and prepare family members for each step of the porcess.

Call ahead and make arrangements for where to meet and where you will stay in the event you can't stay in the U.S. No one wants to be dumped at the border and told to go home without any idea what to do next. At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of reputable attorneys on both sides of the border with California and Baja California North and South that is put out and updated annually by the U.S. Consolute in Tijuana.

If you are looking for a safe and convenient location to meet with your recently deported loved ones in the San Ysidro and Tijuana area, then Rosarito is where you want to go and Rosarito Inn Condominium Hotel is the place to meet up. We have full 1-4 bedroom condominiums available on the beach in Rosarito with all amenites.


Why Choose Rosarito Inn?

  • 1Conveniently located 16 miles from U.S. border on the beach in Rosarito
  • 21-4 Bedroom fully furnished, family friendly suites with all amenities
  • 3Bilingual Staff to assist you with your reservations and help you find the assistance you need.
  • 4Business Center, fitness center, pools, spa, Oceana Grill and Cafe, centrally located.

Rosarito Inn

Where to find legal assistance?

The United States Consulate in Tijuana has published a list of attorneys in the consular district of Tijuana (Baja California North and South. This list includes several foreign legal consultans based in California. These are Mexican lawyers who live and practice law in the state of California. You can download the list by clicking here.